Shopfitting Ideas and Innovations

Pop up shop for Crumbs & Cream

With the increased cost of living and business, a unique trend of pop-up retail shops, or flash retailing has emerged.  One of the but many advantages of creating a pop-up retail shop is that you can open a short term sales space, often to make the most out of a current trend or timely event. A further advantage of such an enterprise is that a company can use this pop-op shop to build interest in their product or service, in any given environment.  These shops are generally relevant in the current economic milieu and have added interactive dimensions with

Shopfitter for Lancewood Cheese

Whether you want to open your own new business, a new franchise for a participating leading-brand, or remodel and existing franchise, your first step should be to secure an appropriate business premise.  Thereafter, to make sure your venture will be successful, you will need to ensure that your existing or potential new customer base is able to recognize your brand when visiting your store. For a new Lancewood Cheese store, in George (along the picturesque Garden Route of South Africa) our experienced shop fitters did not need to design new branding or logos, but instead we had to ensure

3 Ways to Make Your Shopfitting Run Smoothly

Fitting out a new retail store, restaurant or fast-food shop can present a few unexpected challenges, which is why it pays to always be prepared. There are many things that can potentially go wrong, but if you follow these three tips, you can easily reduce or even totally prevent problems with your retail store design. Tip 1 - Establish your budget There is arguably nothing worse than running out of money before the shopfitting is complete. No matter how reliable your contractors, or how beautiful and practical the design, an unfinished store can’t do business. Make sure you are

Getting Your Retail Store Design Right

It doesn’t matter what type of retail store you have, you will at some point need to get a shop fitter in to get your store designed in a logic and user-friendly way. As experts in shop fitting and retail store design, we’ve seen it all, from the DIY disasters, to the most sublime and inviting layout that draws you in and makes you want to stay. But how do you get it right? When you’re talking to your shop fitter, make sure they’re doing these things to ensure your store is optimised and attractive. We begin with a

Shopfitting Trends

Shopfitting Trends Meeting your consumer expectations, and ensuring that your customer has an enjoyable experience while in your store, is but one of the many good reasons to hire the retail shopfitting services of our shopfitting company. Our shop fitting company is proud of our ability to be on of top current shopfitting trends, giving our clients refurbishment experiences that are modern, innovative and yet also practical and within the constraints of your revamping budgets. Keeping up to date with retail shopfitting trends, will not only make your consumer feel confident that your company is thriving in