Different Interior Styles

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July 17, 2020
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When deciding to redecorate your home, the whole process of interior designing can be quite daunting.  Not knowing where to start or how to go about revamping your home is one of the many reasons people live with outdated designs for way too long.

One of the first steps that our interior designers in Cape Town will collaborate on with you is to help you decide which interior design style will suit your home, lifestyle and budget.

While we each have our own unique style and tastes, there are some basic interior design styles that can be your core design style, or that can be assimilated into a fusion of complementary styles.  Knowing what will attract an individual to a specific design style, based on personal preferences, our team of interior designers will be able to present you with clear definitions of various design styles on offer centered round your own research and inspiration.

If you are more interested in refined lines, minimalist silhouettes and natural shapes, you might prefer a Mid-Century Modern style.  However, should you be inclined towards exposed steel and distressed wood elements, you may favour an Industrial Design Style trend.

For a holiday home, many interiors designers may recommend white or sand-colored foundations, for a Nautical Style trend (for a beach house), or a Farmhouse Style design for a house situated more rurally.

Adventurous clients may wish to find more creative, vibrant and rich patterns and colours to achieve a Bohemian look, while one could also opt for more Shabby Chic, if you are inclined to prefer more vintage elements.

An amalgamation of vintage and upscale partiality has created an Urban Modern niche trend but for a functional yet playful, contemporary and organic aesthetic, a Scandinavian Style has been popular for many years.

Our interior designers in Cape Town are a great start to your redecorating journey.  Not only is our professional team of experts in tune with the latest style trends and remodelling best practices, but they will be able to help you achieve your dream interior design style.