MYBREW Coffee Shop

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May 13, 2020
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As a leading shop fitting company in Cape Town, one of the more recent shop fittings designed and constructed by us was the MYBREW Coffee Shop inside the University Stellenbosch Tygerberg Medical Campus.

This venture was not only a testament to our professional services as shop store designers, but also to our abilities to cater to our client’s unique visions, standards and needs.

The MYBREW Coffee shop, ideally situated inside the Medical Campus, is definitely one of our more challenging and rewarding ventures yet and the shop store design not only makes this coffee shop stand out, but also showcases our shop fitter expertise.

Constructed to look like an emergency services ambulance, with its logos and motorized visual realization, the MYBREW Coffee Shop is more than an attention stealer.  Making provisions for the coffee shop’s electrical, venting and spacial maximisation, MYBREW is bound to have a positive and memorable experience on its clientele.

Not only does MYBREW look and feel like an American-type food truck, their décor fits in very aptly with their concept: Coffee as an advanced life line, in a medical environment.

This shop store design is simplistic enough to convey their purpose, whether short or long term, and while not designed as a sit in coffee shop, their foot traffic will make for the perfect setting for this shop store design, offering a multitude of various coffees to choose from while also staying true to the MYBREW franchise.

Proving that our shop fitting company is able to take on any task, this MYBREW venue is evidence that we can design and construct your retail shop fittings to any specifications, in any environment.  MYBREW and our shop fitters have succeeded in making this shop store design remarkable and is a great example of how shop fitting smartly is an impressive marketing tool.