Pop up Shop for Crumbs & Cream

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February 19, 2020
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With the increased cost of living and business, a unique trend of pop-up retail shops, or flash retailing has emerged.  One of the but many advantages of creating a pop-up retail shop is that you can open a short term sales space, often to make the most out of a current trend or timely event.

A further advantage of such an enterprise is that a company can use this pop-op shop to build interest in their product or service, in any given environment.  These shops are generally relevant in the current economic milieu and have added interactive dimensions with their customers.

One of the most successful locations for flash retailing is targeting sites which are more likely to be tourist attractions, such as the picturesque Waterfront in Cape Town.  It is here that we shop-fitted a pop-up store, namely Crumbs & Cream.

This successful business, with premises in Johannesburg and Cape Town, was able to sell their niche product without the hassle and headache of having to shop-fit another permanent store, and their pop-up shop was ideally situated underneath an often used staircase, making the most out of a small corner of unutilized trading space.

Our professional team of experts was able to construct and fit functioning counters and recognizable branded items, ensuring that their customer base would have no problems recognizing their products in a temporary surrounding.

Furthermore, integrating one of their signature design features, such as a set of swings, was carefully incorporated into the design and construction of the pop-up shop, which added to the whimsical qualities of the Crumbs & Cream ideology.

While this was just another service that our expert shop-fitters provide, we prove that no project is too big or small, considering that even pop-up shops need to also be practical, safe and functional.