Retail Shopfitter | Shop Fitting Service in Cape Town


Our professional team of experts will guide you through all the necessary steps when shop fitting your retail store.  Making the most of available floor space, taking advantage of available utilities such as power or water points, our team will manage your shop-fitting, whether for a new store, or whether giving your existing business a modern face lift.  Our shopfitters will ensure that all health and safety regulations are adhered to, while also ensuring a seamless professional look that your clients will assuredly appreciate.  Our experts will also guide you through the processes of data driven marketing activations in malls or supermarkets, or even lesser pop-up shops, whether temporary or permanent.

Interior design:

Whether needing a project manager for a home based initiative, or for a larger development, our expertise is not limited to assisting with painting techniques or the latest trends in high grade tiling options.  Our professional shop design team of versatile service providers will be able to assist with the most cost effective options and modern styles and finishes for any interior design projects or plot-and-plan developments.  We can advise on all matters relating to our clients’ unique style and preferences.


First impressions are of utmost importance when trying to entice new customers or business partners, and we therefore provide expert advice on the designing of corporate office spaces.  From maximizing available office floor space, to optimizing placing of furnishings, our shop design experts will help you ensure that your business face projects the professional business that you are committed to.


With so many styles and options for home designing in the market, we can help you make choices that will reflect your unique personality.  Our experts are there to guide you when making your home décor choices, ensuring that your interior decorating is not only cost effective, but also in keeping with current trends.  We offer services that will assist in all your home décor decisions, whether re-designing your art deco kitchen into a post-modern masterpiece, or whether designing and constructing a customized headboard for your bedroom.