Shopfitter for Lancewood Cheese

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February 19, 2020
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Whether you want to open your own new business, a new franchise for a participating leading-brand, or remodel and existing franchise, your first step should be to secure an appropriate business premise.  Thereafter, to make sure your venture will be successful, you will need to ensure that your existing or potential new customer base is able to recognize your brand when visiting your store.

For a new Lancewood Cheese store, in George (along the picturesque Garden Route of South Africa) our experienced shop fitters did not need to design new branding or logos, but instead we had to ensure that the Lancewood customer base would easily be able to identify their favourite dairy product store using existing branding and logos, in keeping with the Lancewood aesthetic.

While not a major outlet, but a factory outlet, this store had to be shop fitted to its own unique specifications, taking into account the available floor space, the distribution of existing power and water infrastructure as well as the need for customer convenience.

As shop fitting experts we were able to assist with the constructing of branded equipment as well as the design and construction of shelving and counter spaces.  Our professional team of shop fitters also catered to our client’s need for modern and visually appealing interior design and were able to advise regarding placement of printed placards and the choice of the most suitable paint products.

Whether locally or abroad, our professional team of experts, from Cape Town, are able to assist our clients countrywide, irrespective of the size of the project at hand and our versatility regarding the wide array of services of our shop fitting team was apparent as we assisted this Lancewood Cheese factory shop in George.

Our team of shop fitters are hands down the first port of call to make for your entire shop fitting needs, whether for retail or wholesale, anywhere in South Africa.

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